About Sonny Angel

『He may bring you “more” happiness!?』Sonny Angel has been refined!

14 years have passed since the birth of Sonny Angel, who was born to make us all smile and add a little fun to our lives. From the corner of a room to a prominent display on a shelf, he has been delivering smiles and healing all around the world.
Sonny Angel regular series has been “refined”; cuter and more stylish to deliver even more happiness.

Our concept of “Refine” is “Small Difference, More Happiness.”
Sonny Angel has charmed fans for 14 years. With this new start, we hope that they will feel even more happiness!


Embrace these healing figures in your life.

Sonny Angel figures are loved for decorating your living spaces. They are designed so that you can relate to them every day.


Sonny Angel gently smiles at the table and the bedside and heals a tired heart.


And in the fall of 2018,we will begin using the tagline,
“He may bring you more happiness.” It is our wish that you will connect with “refined” Sonny Angel more than ever.

Sonny Angel, a little angel boy who wears headgear, will continue to watch over you, give healing, and give more smiles to all of us in the world.



Randomly packaged - so you won't know which one you'll get until you open the box!

Sonny Angel minifigures are packaged in blind boxes so you cannot see which figure is inside. Since the first release, there are now more than 500 figure varieties of Sonny Angel!

Some of the figures are super rare, including secret figures and limited collections like Christmas Series!


Try your luck to greet.

Unboxing Sonny Angel adds to the excitement and fans get pleasure from collecting them all. The wonder of meeting your Sonny Angel is waiting for you.

[ Secret Figures ]

Each series also has “secret figure(s)”, which are randomly included in certain boxes and are the most collectible. There are also extra special versions (only 10, 50 or 100 pieces ever made) Try your luck to collect them.

[ Robby Angel ]

Robby Angel is a good friend of Sonny Angel. He can change his body color at any time, like a chameleon, and he likes to dress up. Robby often imitates the style of the Sonny Angel in the series in which he is found.

Ready to try your luck and be surprised?  Head over to pick your Sonny Angels now!